Perri Klass, MD

"Few writers write as beautifully or as authentically about parenting." -Chris Bohjalian

The Mercy Rule
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By: Perri Klass
Paperback; 288 pgs
Publication Date: 07/08/2009

The Real Life of a Pediatrician
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By: Perri Klass (Editor)
Paperback; 208 pgs
Publication Date: 05/26/2009

Treatment Kind and Fair: Letters to a Young Doctor
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By: Perri Klass
Paperback; 256 pgs
Publication Date: 8/25/2008

Treatment Kind and Fair: Letters to a Young Doctor
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By: Perri Klass
Hardcover; 256 pgs
Publication Date: 6/11/2007

Two Sweaters for My Father
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By: Perri Klass
Paperback; 96 pgs
Publication Date: 11/1/2004

Every Mother is a Daughter
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By: Perri Klass and Sheila Solomon Klass
Hardcover; 320 pgs
Publication Date: 4/18/2006

The Mystery of Breathing
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By: Perri Klass
Paperback; 352 pgs
Publication Date: 07/13/2005

Quirky Kids
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By: Perri Klass and Eileen Costello
Paperback; 400 pgs
Publication Date: 8/31/2004

Love and Modern Medicine
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By: Perri Klass
Paperback; 182 pgs
Publication Date: 05/01/2001

A funny rueful novel about the all-important job of taking care of children. Dr. Lucy Weiss looks like the typical high-achieving, upper-middle-class working mother who, along with her husband, is bringing up much-beloved children. Having overcome a difficult childhood in foster care, she is what's called a super-survivor. Now a pediatrician, Lucy finds herself working with some of those same at-risk patients and their families. Lucy's work takes her back into the world of families living on the edge, where every day she must decide whether a parent's actions are so incompetent-or so clueless-that a child is in danger.

"the heartfelt portrayal of contemporary parenting is involving, particularly so for readers who work with children." -Publishers Weekly

"As a doctor, Klass must know the body inside and out; these stories show that, as a writer, she knows the heart and soul just as well." -Washington Post

"THE MERCY RULE is carried by individual moments of breathtaking clarity and insight"-Boston Globe

The first time you have to deliver bad news to a parent. The tenth screaming baby you've seen today. The thousandth time you've stayed just a bit later than your shift, helping one more sick child. Every one of these kids has a story, and so does each doctor who treats them.

Unusual diagnoses. Heartbreaking losses. Triumphant healing. From med student to intern to practicing specialist, The Real Life of a Pediatrician traces the careers of these family practitioners. When children are the patients, so much can be at stake, and emotions often run high. How do you tell a mother that her child has a terminal illness? What do you do when your patient is too young to tell you what's wrong with him? This anthology features first-person narratives from the students and doctors who have devoted their careers to this path, and offers an unblinking look at daily life in the field.

Expertise versus commonsense practice; moral judgments on young patients or their parents; asking tough questions; death and physician-assisted suicide; daily life with a doctor's job (yours or a family member's); doctors as patients-this series of letters to the author's son as he considers a life in medicine addresses the primary issues in the life of any doctor and, by extension, the lives of those for whom they care.

"But even though her subject is medicine, pediatrician and noted author Klass (The Mystery of Breathing) effortlessly transcends all professions, ages and interests, appealing to anyone who has ever stepped inside a hospital or watched one of television's ever-popular medical dramas."
-Publishers Weekly

Beyond the garments, scarves, blankets, and sweaters, knitting offers the kind of nonmaterial rewards discussed in these essays: the repetitive, rhythmic finger movements soothe, reduce stress, and bind a knitter to her community. Knitting's psychological dimension is celebrated in these personal accounts of one woman's experience knitting in the hospital, at a college reunion, and while making garments for her father and loved ones. These thoughtful reflections reveal that the real power of knitting has more to do with what goes on in the head and the heart than what happens with needles.

Sometimes touching, sometimes humorous, Two Sweaters for My Father may not contain a single pattern, but its worthy of any knitters bookshelf.

A mother-daughter memoir in which both voices can be heard. Perri Klass and her mother, Sheila Solomon Klass, both gifted professional writers, prove to be ideal collaborators as they examine their decades of motherhood, daughterhood, and the wonderful, if sometimes fraught, ways their lives have overlapped.

"The mother-daughter duo triumph over hectic schedules and physical distance through their love of writing and travel, ending with reminiscences of their trip to India to visit the Taj Mahal. This is a treasure for any generation." -Publishers Weekly

An impassioned and gifted neonatal physician, Dr. Maggie Claymore fights for the lives of her newborn patients with a fierceness that has gained her the devotion of worried parents and sometimes the ire of her colleagues. Maggie is just shy of forty, and her career is on the rise: she is on the verge of receiving a coveted promotion at a prestigious Boston research hospital. That is, until an anonymous hate campaign calls her credentials and her ethics into question, threatening to destroy her professional reputation. Suspicion and doubt begin to shade all of her relationships, from her professional connections to her own blissful marriage. Worst of all, the rumors surrounding her begin to shake her deepest sense of who she is. Psychologically riveting, The Mystery of Breathing explores modern personal and ethical dilemmas in a story of one woman's struggle to mainatain her identity.

"an absorbing medical thriller that takes as its focus the aura of authority and remove that comes with the M.D." -Publishers Weekly

"With her sharp eye for detail and her deep knowledge of the human heart, Perri Klass has written an absorbing, intelligent novel that is as powerful as it is moving." -Alice Hoffman

Seasoned pediatricians Perri Klass and Eileen Costello provide the expert guidance that families with quirky children so desperately need. Klass and Costello illuminate the confusing list of terms often applied to quirky children-from Asperger's syndrome and nonverbal learning disability to obsessive-compulsive behavior and sensory integration dysfunction. The authors also discuss various therapy options, coping strategies, and available medications. Most of all, they will help quirky kids lead rich, fulfilling lives at home, at school, even on the playground.

"Every parent of a 'quirky kid' needs this book." -T. BERRY BRAZELTON, M.D.

A literary tapesty of the beauties and terrors of contemporary domesticity. Instantly recognizable, the appealing characters in these stories are the able sort who can cope with any crisis at work but are often undone by the complexities of life at home. They are parents, doctors, patients, friends, and lovers, who encounter one another in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, in a world in which professional expertise -- even the finest medical expertise -- cannot always ward off threats to everyday happiness.

"11 sparkling short stories sharing the theme of domestic life. The mothers are generally practical, scientific types struggling with the messy reality of mixing children and work. Three of the stories were O. Henry award winners, and there isn't a clunker in the bunch. ... Very, very good work."
-Library Journal