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BOOK Baby Doctor Revised.jpg

By: Perri Klass
Paperback; 368 pgs
Revised Edition:
August 31, 2010

Baby Doctor: A Pediatrician's Training, 
Revised Edition


In her honest, riveting prose, Perri Klass—writer, mother, and doctor—takes readers through her extraordinary three years of internship and residency as a pediatrician in a Boston children's hospital. Responsible for newborns, the chronically ill, and the mysteriously sick, Klass set high standards for her own performance and for those who worked with her tiny charges.


Originally published nearly two decades ago, this beloved classic memoir of residency by renowned pediatrician and writer Perri Klass is as fresh and pertinent as it was upon publication. Publisher’s Weekly called it “Riveting…An inspiring coming-of-age story and an inside look at medical education…A colorful, candid view of the exhausting, exhilarating and dehumanizing subculture of pediatric residency.”

In essays and explorations on the concerns and contradictions that she faced every day, Klass reveals the fears, frustrations, and triumphs that formed her confusing life. From the difficulties of sleep deprivation to the hopelessness of treating a child with AIDS, from emergency room hysteria to intervening in cases of abuse to personal crises at home, Klass describes a trial by fire unlike any other—a collection of experiences that changed her from a frightened, insecure medical student into a confident, caring baby doctor.

“A fascinating look into the mysterious chambers of medical science . . . Compassionate and compelling.”
Boston Herald
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