C-SPAN: Miami Book Fair
Discussion on the History of Public Health in America with NPR News Correspondent Pam Fessler

First air date: Dec. 27, 2020

New York University journalism and pediatrics Professor Perri Klass (A Good Time to Be Born) and NPR News correspondent Pam Fessler (Carville’s Cure) discussed the history of public health care in America. This was a virtual event hosted by the Miami Book Fair.

Top of Mind with Julie Rose

Knitting the Pandemic Away 

Nov. 30, 2020

Home arts and handicrafts have been booming this year. Bread making, canning, knitting. Perri Klass isn’t surprised at all that knitting is having a moment. She’s been writing about its benefits for years–often in the health column she writes for the New York Times. See, Perri Klass is a pediatrician and a knitter. The two have always been compatible for her.

Constant Wonder

The Best Time to Be Born 


Nov. 4, 2020

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Reach Out and Read

A Good Time to Be Born

Oct. 15, 2020

It’s easy to think that the way we think about children and parenting is the way it’s always been—the birth of a child is accompanied by the expectation that that baby will grow up happy, healthy, and become an adult. However, a mere century ago that wasn’t necessarily the case. So what changed?  How has the role of parenting transformed?  Dr. Perri Klass, author of the new book "A Good Time to Be Born," joins us to talk about the social, and medical, events that transformed childhood and parenting.

AAP: Pediatrics On Call


Pathways to Pediatrics: Dr. Perri Klass


Oct. 2, 2020

In this episode of the special series, “Pathways to Pediatrics,” hosts David Hill, MD, FAAP, and Joanna Parga-Belinkie, MD, FAAP, interview Perri Klass, MD, FAAP, Professor of Journalism and Pediatrics at New York University and Co-Director of NYU Florence. Dr. Klass explains how she forced two paths to merge as she combined medicine with journalism.