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By: Perri Klass
Paperback; 288 pgs
Publication Date:
July 8, 2009

The Mercy Rule: A Novel


A funny rueful novel about the all-important job of taking care of children. Dr. Lucy Weiss looks like the typical high-achieving, upper-middle-class working mother who, along with her husband, is bringing up much-beloved children. Having overcome a difficult childhood in foster care, she is what's called a super-survivor. Now a pediatrician, Lucy finds herself working with some of those same at-risk patients and their families. Lucy's work takes her back into the world of families living on the edge, where every day she must decide whether a parent's actions are so incompetent-or so clueless-that a child is in danger.

the heartfelt portrayal of contemporary parenting is involving, particularly so for readers who work with children.
Publishers Weekly
As a doctor, Klass must know the body inside and out; these stories show that, as a writer, she knows the heart and soul just as well.
Washington Post
The Mercy Rule is carried by individual moments of breathtaking clarity and insight.
Boston Globe
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