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By: Perri Klass
Hardcover; 288 pgs
Publication Date: February 1, 2004

The Mystery of Breathing


An impassioned and gifted neonatal physician, Dr. Maggie Claymore fights for the lives of her newborn patients with a fierceness that has gained her the devotion of worried parents and sometimes the ire of her colleagues. Maggie is just shy of forty, and her career is on the rise: she is on the verge of receiving a coveted promotion at a prestigious Boston research hospital. That is, until an anonymous hate campaign calls her credentials and her ethics into question, threatening to destroy her professional reputation. Suspicion and doubt begin to shade all of her relationships, from her professional connections to her own blissful marriage. Worst of all, the rumors surrounding her begin to shake her deepest sense of who she is. Psychologically riveting, The Mystery of Breathing explores modern personal and ethical dilemmas in a story of one woman's struggle to maintain her identity.

BOOK Mystery of Breathing paperback.jpg

By: Perri Klass
Paperback; 352 pgs
Publication Date: July 13, 2005

an absorbing medical thriller that takes as its focus the aura of authority and remove that comes with the M.D.
—Publishers Weekly
With her sharp eye for detail and her deep knowledge of the human heart, Perri Klass has written an absorbing, intelligent novel that is as powerful as it is moving.
—Alice Hoffman
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